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Patch 1.127 Update and Upcoming Hot Fix Discussion

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

A huge thank you to all of your feedback here, on Discord, and submitted to our Feedback Form that we've been inundated with over the past few months! We have read every scrap thus far. We'd like this thread to serve as a way to communicate back to you that we've taken in much of that feedback, have made some plans to address it, and to then discuss your feedback towards those plans outlined here!

As stated in our previous Grab Bag, we hope to introduce Patch 1.127 with housing features, bug fixes, and some tweaks to Endless Conquest restrictions sometime in March.

In addition to that, we will be introducing a Hot Fix in the next week or so that will address some of the feedback on class and realm balance as well as address many of the content-bugs that have been reported over the past several weeks.

We wanted to provide you all an opportunity to chime in and help shape the direction of our patch and upcoming hot fix!

Patch 1.127

Our newsletter poll last Autumn asking about which housing features you would like to see updated gave us a clear direction to improve the Market Explorer window. That will be our major focus of the housing updates but we'll also be introducing several other housing features and bug fixes.

First, house repossession will be re-enabled in 1.127. This means any houses that are currently due to be repossessed from account inactivity will get repossessed as soon as 1.127 launches to live.

Next, we have a fix for the annoying need to manually refresh house vaults on server-up (though the fix will require the vaults to be manually refreshed once more, subsequent server downtimes won't!) and a fix for CMs that have reached plat cap to not sell any more items. We'll also be introducing brand new hi-res and updated textures for all existing housing tiers! A 5th house tier won't make it into Patch 1.127 unfortunately but we do have some of that work well under way for when the right opportunity to fully implement it comes!

Aside from housing, we also hope to tackle some rather annoying and long-standing bugs like concentration buffs randomly dropping and occasionally hitting a load screen when using mass gateway as well as many more!

For Endless Conquest, we've seen a steady population and a solid conversion rate from EC to Veteran accounts since its launch. That said, we would like to make EC even more attractive to play and try while still maintaining the value of a subscription. We're currently looking at adjusting the 180-day timer down some, taking a hard look at the buffing restrictions, and making some tweaks to the progression rates for EC accounts. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this and all of the above!

Live Hot Fix

As stated, we'd like to have this Hot Fix come out towards the end of this coming week (or early the following week) to address some of the recent concerns around class and realm balance.

We are currently looking at making some boosts to the PBAoE classes that did not get the 425 delve, Armsman and possibly all Heavy tanks and then making some adjustments/reductions to the AoE-portion of Champion stat debuffs (Curse set bonus), Enchanter's AoE loyalty cloak /use, and possibly a slight reduction to the 425 PBAoE delve.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the above as well as what else you think can be done to address some of the realm and class imbalances!


Taken from DAoC Official boards:
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