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Storming For Stargate Revival 25.1 - 26.1 & After.

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 46
Watch this video about Stargate's Revival Plans: More details below at Description area <3 Includes things like important links & first 2x being one of those. New & Old Gate Worlds are Waiting for SG-1 & Other Squads. We Gaters can make huge meaningful impact finally after all these Years. I join this campaign mostly for Richard Dean Anderson. It's explained on the video. #GatersUnited 

"Recycle, Reduce Single Plastic Use & Use Fabric Groceries Bag"
Good ol Arcade Games & more inc. later. Gather enough Tokens to buy autom. miners. Games have 6x levels & increase mining powah as go up. 1k Satoshi Coins through: Enjoy.

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