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Watchers of the Heavens Below is recruiting for role-playing action!

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,159

Join our alliance if you would like to take part in our story-line that the blog will follow... basically making it funner for people who play this game, especially for those who are fighting against us...

The alliance is called Skystriders (SKYS)

Unlike other guild, this one has a structure made for the players so that the members of the guild have more to gain than in other guilds... one may join and right away choose to take on a leader role or whatever they choose. There are no real ranks within the guild other than a PVP title for bragging rights among other guild members.

A party of guild members consists of a head, hands, and foot. The head calls the shots, the hands are like bodyguards, and the foot has the job of being a scout or messenger... must do tasks for the head from time to time and gets first pick on loot when PVP occurs. The foot must have the best riding mount among everyone. This role changes whenever you would like it to. There is no need to do anything other than ask for it and it is yours. This allows an experienced player to enter our guild for the first time and feel like the leader if he or she feels like it.

There will be regular artwork made of the main members of the guild... and sometimes even a song or two.

When a member logs online as part of our guild, he or she has access to the guild mailbox where tasks may be picked up like quests and done for a very handsome reward (some of the highest paying things that you may be able to find in the game... as far as profit goes). We try and make sure that every member always logs into having at least a few million, even if the person had just barely started. Whenever certain members log on they send mail to everyone online for quests and tasks in the game to do... always profitable and always worth doing!

As the story unfolds in the blog... the guild will get heavily involved in territory PVP with the alliance. Everything will be documented and told in a way that will make it very fun to keep track of, even if you are not a member of the guild.

Right now we are in a recruiting phase and are looking for more members until we constantly have active in our discord no matter what time I check it. I will be playing this game for YEARS so I know that this guild will be one of the best overall.

As part of the story line... the heavens above is the North since no one knows that the world is round yet... and the days and nights last longer so everyone believes that it is closer to the sky. The watchers of the heavens below are based in Bridgewatch to start the story but will be moving around depending on the story line.

Don't miss out on this! If this sounds interesting but you cannot leave your guild... you are welcome to join our alliance.

There is more lore found in our guild which will unfold over time with surprises for everyone than what is found in most any other game. Many quests and tasks will be riddles for members to figure out and there will always be something difficult to work towards earning.

See you out there!

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