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Solo Deadmines Like A Boss!

RichieTRichieT Member UncommonPosts: 4
Hey guys, I solo Deadmines and posted the video to my youtube channel; there's a bunch of content there to check out - how is ytour 2019 going?  Mine seems to be going quite well.  Those Australian bushfires though, Iran causing trouble and hey Meghan and Harry are stepping down from Royal Duties; whatever shall we do?  

Go watch my video is my suggestion, put your feet up - grab a brew (or coffee if too young).  Enjoy!

WoW Classic Deadmines Cleared: 

Also I discuss my addons, team, and UI in this video:

Have a good one guys!  More content to come.  Are you playing WoW Classic?  



  • fyehu43fyehu43 Newbie CommonPosts: 33
    I have many similar addons as you :)

    SHAMAN Raid Tank,    -    Rogue Raid Tank     -     I'm Livestreaming!!

    Expert in:

    1. Melee Hunter

    2. Elemental Shaman

    3. Priest Tank (yes, it's a thing)

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 18,608
    When Wow actually has a good class design and combat design,i might be interested.I played Wow on/off because of friends i just never liked the classes at all,takes a huge backseat to what i loved "FFXI".However guess why i quit FFXI,yep SE started to copy Wow and moved to that same gear based game,same design for FFXIV.Maybe this is what the new generation of gamer is into,i mean i see all these shooters now more about colored loot lights than game play as well but i'll never endorse that type of game design.

    I want my character to be in MY control and not as good as the gear allows it to be.

    WE used to game in FFXI with gear never boasting numbers above +5 later on +10,now  days everything in games is +50 +100...+1000...+2000 and on and on,just nonsense ,not liking it.

    Cash shops
    Item levels 
    linear questing for xp
    I can even toss in instances as being a blemish on game design

    Four of my biggest peeves for gaming and Wow has three of them and even dabbles in the cash shop as well.Most gamer's will NEVER "get it" because Wow is the mmorpg they started with so they think THAT is the design that matters or maybe it is as simple as enjoying loot more than game play idk.

    For about 20 years it was ALWAYS game play > everything else,apparently those days are gone.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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