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How you all feel about the New World mmo that is on the way?

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,227
How you all feel about the New World mmo that is on the way? I just learned about its existence recently. How you all feel about it? Word is it was supposed to been a survival game that later was made into a MMO. I want to know how housing works. But it's interesting that this sandbox mmo has optional pvp. Would like to see the difference combat skills we can have at once. 



  • RemaliRemali Member RarePosts: 644
    Ill wait till its released to see what its all about and I might give it a try but im not expecting much
  • ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 2,857
    edited December 2019
    I don't expect much at launch. I got the game for free so I will give it a shot. I expect it to be another No Man's Sky type sceniro where the game launches rough but will evolve over time into the game it should have been. That is if Amazon believes in the project in order to do that. IF they do then the sky's the limit for New World. I mean Amazon has all the money in the world
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  • HatefullHatefull Member EpicPosts: 2,394
    I want to be excited, I really enjoy the time frame it is set in, however, I realize that things are seldom as advertised in the game market. So, I will wait and see what happens when it goes live. I do hope it is successful, but only time will tell.

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  • iixviiiixiixviiiix Member RarePosts: 2,246
    i don't have high expectation , specially when last public test wasn't good .

  • QQMorePleaseQQMorePlease Member UncommonPosts: 49
    edited December 2019
    I expect 2 things out the gate from Amazon given AWS and all that:  server stability & performance.

    They have a lot of money to throw at this.  New World is more than just Amazon's first MMO.  Its their first game showcasing their proprietary engine, framework, & AWS.

    They want to sell Lumberyard more than they want to sale the game.  However the game is almost as important in this whole scenario since you need the game to preform well for dev shops to be remotely interested in the overhead that may be associated with switching from Unreal4.

    I expect it to be brilliantly average compared to most other games in its genre but it'll run a whole hell of a lot smoother.
  • flizzerflizzer Member RarePosts: 2,442
    Not sure what to make at this point.  Since it is Amazon  they have lots of resources so at least I hope a stable and well performing game.   It was a survival game but now not so much with more questing.  As a PvE player I like that but is it enough ?   Is it going to be  a mish-mash of different type of games that really appeals to no one?  Not sure at this point.  I do want to try when it launches however.
  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 1,282
    I would rather have seen a historical new world.
  • DibdabsDibdabs Member RarePosts: 2,978
    I always keep my expectations low these days.  I've seen people say it was an MMO that ended up as a survival game and vice versa.  Who knows really.
  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 8,333
    Don't know a single thing about it....
  • kjempffkjempff Member RarePosts: 1,690
    It changed a lot since it was first announced.
    The good thing about this, is that they are iterating and learning, which means bad stuff might get scrapped; I like this, it is very refreshing compared to other developers.
    The other side of the coin is obviously, it can also quickly apply the bad mechanics and features of other modern mmos... Especially if the "experts" and beancounters gets too much influence.

    So, lets see what it will end up becomming. Hands on is the only true test. For now, I am cautiously optimistic; bunch of nice things, not so many least better than whatever else is out there..theoretically.
  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 13,474
    I'm happy that Amazon is honoring their free pre-orders so even if it sucks it won't cost me anything to see for myself.

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  • AmarantharAmaranthar Member EpicPosts: 4,421
    This is based on my own wants, but I don't think I'm interested. 
    I want a "Worldly Game", not an "Unworldly game." All this dark world stuff isn't what I want. 
    I hope it's a great game for those who do like that kind of game world. 

    Personally, I have my doubts about it really being a Sandbox until proven otherwise, based on the history of MMO marketing. We'll see. 

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  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 3,999
    edited December 2019
    Hype and propaganda. I dont expect it to be very good or last very long. Ill let everyone else waste their time figuring that out. I’d be happy to be wrong though.

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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,822
    It seems more interesting "now" than when we had very little information. 

    Admittedly I'm more interested in fictional worlds than actual historical worlds so that's a plus.

    Would have to wait and see what it actually became.
  • KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 3,026
    It's a survival game so I have no interest.
  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,119
    edited December 2019
    They've said so little about it that unless you've been in their testing, how you feel about it is mostly a question of how you project your expectations onto games that you know little about.
  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,822
    It's a survival game so I have no interest.
    For their changes "not really." But again we don't have full details.
  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 Member RarePosts: 1,366
    When someone asks me how I feel about something on site, is my default supposed to be set to (negative with a wait and see) mode?  Asking for a friend. 
  • KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 3,026
    Sovrath said:
    It's a survival game so I have no interest.
    For their changes "not really." But again we don't have full details.
    Unless they pulled off an ARR re-boot in a few months they're full of shit.  I played the alpha, it's a survival game.
  • Riqqy82Riqqy82 Member UncommonPosts: 91
    ATLAS 2.0

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