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What do YOU want out of my FFXIV column?

MrJatobiMrJatobi Member UncommonPosts: 55
I've been away for a couple months as my classes ramped up and took away all of my free time.

Assuming my schedule permits it, I will restart my column for FFXIV.

My format has been to discuss whatever, whenever, basically anything new. That gets boring for you guys, so I thought I'd come and get opinions.

What do you guys want our of my column?

I've wanted to add polls/contests, but no one has yet to seem interested in those.

Would you prefer it kept strictly for News?

Want it completely satirical?

Do I need to level my gathering/crafting professions from scratch? (I have none btw lol)

I want the column to be entertaining to you guys, I want interaction, and the only way for me to obtain that is to come to you guys for ideas.  I've been getting little feedback, it's time to change!

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