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Lineage 2 Remastered on Unreal Engine 4

F2PlagueF2Plague Member UncommonPosts: 232

No one was talking about it so I figured I would step up to the plate.

Lineage 2 Remastered on Unreal Engine 4. Who is excited?
L2 is still after all this time my favorite MMO, its punishing, and grind heavy. But also, very fulfilling and rewarding.
I have played more Private servers than I can count.

As much as I would like to say I am on the fence about it, that's hardly the case.
I am unfortunately, a die hard Lineage 2 fan, and will most likely jump without looking once again.
Do I trust NCsoft? No. Do I lack common sense? Maybe.

NCsoft is extremely shady, and I hate the idea of getting in bed with them again. Especially after their "L2 Classic" cash grab.
Where they deliberately launched server with reduced gold/drop rates in order to force people to use cash shop to survive (it was weeks before it was patched to standard classic rates). And the botting... my god, to let it run rampant immediately after launch. It was painfully obvious they only cared about the money.

I am really hoping they can get their shit together for this one. I would be ecstatic to see the retail subscription model rather than a cash shop, but in this age of gaming I know that's extremely unlikely. That and a decent anti-cheat/report functiondoesn't seem like too much to ask for. They are sinking a lot of money into this I imagine, one can hope that they will treat this as a long term investment rather than a quick cash grab.

Despite my many concerns, I am still excited to see whats to come and will be keeping my eyes peeled for development news.

Being excited for a remaster of a 2003 MMO going into 2020. God help me... 



  • MrMonolitasMrMonolitas Member UncommonPosts: 257
    Dont waste your time with this garbage. It might look pretty, but underneath its rotten and dead. 
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