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Double rep gains for Feds + 30% discount on ships

CoticCotic Member UncommonPosts: 268
Result of Golconda initiative
  • A Federation-affiliated Outpost named Forester's Choice, will be added to the Upaniklis system.
  • From 5 December to 16 December, any Federation Rank will be earned at an double rate alongside a discount to Federal ships.
  • The Rare Good, Apa Vietii, will be introduced and become available for purchase at Forester's Choice.
  • 'The Golconda' decal will be available to commanders who dock at Forester's Choice or either Federation or Empire megaship from 5 December to 16 December.
Discount stacks with Lu Yong Rui's 15% normal discount

Federal Corvette: 101,256,794 credits
Federal Dropship: 7,710,885 credits
Federal Assualt Ship: 10,673,666 credits
Federal Gunship: 19,292,666 credits

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