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EdnircsEdnircs Member UncommonPosts: 5
There is a Group of Players who have Found and are Exchanging Cheat Information so they can Dominate the Game and Destroy any New Players who are just Trying to Level or learn how to play the game and this Discourages anyone who has Gaming Experience on other games from Playing. The Dev's Need to separate players based on experience Levels from these Predator Players and determine who is using Cheats to play against less experienced players and Remove them from the game so that People who want to play have a Fair Playing Field. I hope that I meet one of these Cheaters at Comic con next time I go to one and I can make sure he knows that Cheating isn't going to win him or her any Friends.
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  • TillerTiller Member EpicPosts: 8,987
    edited December 2019
    The trials of a free to play game. All you can do is /report each player and hope it goes somewhere, which most likely it won't. Maybe just get the cheats yourself and join in, seems like the way to go lol.
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  • HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member UncommonPosts: 719
    I cheat alot..and i have been cheating since i was born with the c64 :D

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