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My Thoughts so far....

Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 2,835
So I've been playing PoE for a bit and I got to admit, it is an extremely amazing game. When i first tried a ways back it didn't have a lot of content, but that has certainly changed for the better. 

The story is really cool, and i really like the "acts" as it playes like a play on the stage. The NPC are pretty cool and like that majority of the interactions are voiced. Even the starting map feels more robust, with more content that sets the player(me) up for a better route of finding and advancing content. This was killed my attempt the last time was content flow didn't feel quite as flushed out like it is now. 

Graphics, I am very impressed. Now with my new graphic card I can crank the game to max and really enjoy all of the visual splendor that the title has. The cave lighting is just amazing, with the can't think of the word , I want to say volumetric lighting makes the game visual pop.

Sound, holy crap, this games sound design is above and beyond most triple A games. It gives me shivers thinking about the deafening screams and gurgles in the darkness. The yells of agony and torture and even more sinister sounds that I will not type here. 

The Passives skill, amazing and one of the best class systems I've ever seen , more games should look into this kind of class system and allow players to literally build what ever they want with in their class parameters. As a Templar, I can be a wizardly wizard or smashing smash. One thing I also like is the core choices on needs to understand before adding points.  Points are pretty much cemented unless a player uses a book to undo 1 single point. This was like a o man moment for me when I hit lvl 40 on my Templar, because I was unaware I couldn't really reset all points. SO I decided to roll another Templar to fix what I felt was bad point distribution. 

The socket-ing system, seen in other game but PoE does it a few light years ahead from everyone one else. I like the socket and the ring of trying to create a socket set that maximizing a characters output and a players vision of what they want their character to do. 

All in all, there is literally no reason why this is not in your steam library. 5/5 from me. From me who doesn't really like isometric , think is a profound accomplishment of the Path of Exiles team. Keep up the amazing work :) 
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  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,550
    Good write up.

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  • kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 6,147
    Such a brilliant game I'm hoping they continue this brilliance in the future.

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