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The game is rather pathetic

QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,119
I realize that this is not a new game, as it launched more than nine years ago.  But I like action combat if done well, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Like TERA, Vindictus seems like it has built something that could be the basis for a pretty good action combat system.  Also like TERA, they've tuned the difficulty to be so trivial that it doesn't matter.  Sure, you can dodge nearly everything.  But why bother, when you'll also win if you just stand there trading hits.

I'll concede that I didn't get that far into the game.  I did make it to level 18, though.  Thus far, I think the lowest that my life bar has ever gotten is about 90% full.  And that's in spite of not waiting or using potions to refill my life bar.

And I really doubt that this is a case of me being an especially skilled player.  I was brand new to the game, with no idea what mobs would do.  I did get hit a fair bit.  But getting hit only takes off something like 1% or 2% of your life bar.  It probably would have gotten considerably lower than 90% full on a number of occasions if I hadn't been trying to dodge.  I still say that's tuned to be way too easy, and I didn't see any way to increase the difficulty, shy of doing stuff like unequipping gear.

One annoying thing about combat is that it's hard to tell when mobs are dead.  If you hit a mob, small numbers appear to say how much damage you did.  Sometimes those numbers are accompanied by some tiny text that is so small to be barely readable.  Depending on what that text says, sometimes it means that the mob is dead.  Sure, you can tell that mobs are dead when they stay down for long enough, but mobs that are still alive often stay down for a second or two before getting up to attack again.

The physics engine of picking up and throwing objects is interesting.  Unfortunately, it's not at all obvious which objects you can pick up.  Of the things you can pick up, it's not obvious which ones will actually do damage if you hit mobs with them.  Maybe it becomes more obvious if you get further into the game than I did, but I'm not at all fond of "see if you can randomly guess what the developers were thinking when they made this part of the level" type of games.

The game camera is rather broken.  Character movement works fine, but the camera wants to jump all over, sometimes to the extent of making it hard to see what is going on.  If Wildstar combat was fighting more against a bad control scheme than the mobs who are your nominal opponents, then Vindictus is fighting more against a bad camera.  Of course, unlike Vindictus, Wildstar didn't tune it's combat to be stupidly easy.

The game seems to be about half combat and half running around talking to NPCs.  If you disliked reading walls of quest text, devCAT apparently thinks that the solution is to make that wall of quest text go much slower by asking you to click through it one or two lines at a time.  And much of the time, you have to click in different places to proceed, so that you can't trivially skip the quest text like you could in games where it's given to you as a single wall of text.

It's not a terrible game, exactly.  If they adjusted the difficulty so that mobs did five or ten times as much damage when they hit you, the game might actually be interesting.  It's possible and even likely that that would be too much at the high levels, but they could scale the high levels differently.

People might claim that the sliver of endgame content is better, and not scaled to be ridiculously easy.  People certainly claim that in TERA, for example.  But if most of a game is awful, and you have to spend a long time slogging through it to find out of the endgame is any good, then the game is awful.  It sure looks like that's about where Vindictus is right now.

I didn't run into any obvious bugs, nor did I see any obvious problems with the localization.  So it's not like the game did everything terribly.  Running around and attacking in combat is decently smooth, for example.  But I'd like something a little more challenging than combat that, for most practical purposes, renders you permanently invincible.
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