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Streamer, new to the game! Please help...

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174

my toon is Goth Chick... and so far have been focusing on the light crossbow w/ heavy helm & boots and a cleric robe...

I am a 39 yr old IT pro, spend my free time writing novels, artwork of all kinds (typically very detailed ink drawings), making music (over 100+ songs made) and lately I've been making music with birds

I have played many FFA PVP (even full loot) games such as Darkfall, Age of Conan, Conan Exiles, Guild Wars, Vanguard, Everquest (I & II),... delved into everything just a little bit but much nearly as much. I am brand new (someone could catch up in under a week probably...) and it would be nice to find a busy guild as the one that I recently joined does not seem to ever have anyone online, even in the alliance... /sigh

Please check out my stream! I typically keep it running when the server goes down to watch simpsons or watch vids about the game, etc.

Twitch Channel

I just ganked my first victim ever yesterday (looted over 1 mil of gear from him! woot!)

Sure would love any pointers you have to give OR COULD REALLY USE ANY DONATION YOU COULD GIVE!! haha (I currently have 5k silver the last that I had checked... but I do have some things for sell although not much... its been a pain having enough to repair my gear and keep my food/pots stacked).

Check out some of my playlists on my youtube channel for many various games (mostly online PVP or retro like NES or genesis) and don't forget to sub/like/etc. I will be adding a playlist for Albion vids fairly soon if I have not already...

Goth Gameplay Youtube Channel

My first impressions:

- The arena should have a bigger reward... and sometimes I do not get ANYTHING for winning which is weird?

- I think the loot dropped should be 5-10 times more regarding the amount of silver taken from another player in the yellow zone... for someone just starting it would be nice to have more of a reward in an area where competing is more possible.

- I've found that some of the items are pretty much worthless and could use some tweaking...

- Its a bit difficult to scroll down/etc. while looking at the buy orders to see end-game gear... if there were arrows or something that would help.

- The tier 1 harvested crap found EVERYWHERE and done on accident a lot of the time could be more useful than it is now somehow?

- the downtime when killed in a yellow-zone is a bit excessive...

- trade route quests would be fun! or bounty hunter type thing... (of course many others probably have suggested this already)

- I find the blackzone areas totally confusing regarding what is friendly and what is not... also no way to tell where a "safe zone" is or whatever so not knowing anything really is a risk but part of the excitement...

All in all this is a great game and definitely the best free-to-play one out there! I am very excited to find out more what the game has to offer!!

Add me as a friend and give me some stuff to help me get started? : P


NEWS FLASH! "A bank was robbed the other day and a man opened fire on the customers being held hostage. One customer zig-zag sprinted until he found cover. When questioned later he explained that he was a hardcore gamer and knew just what to do!" Download my music for free! I release several albums per month as part of project "Thee Untitled" . .. some video game music remixes and cover songs done with instruments in there as well! Check out my roleplaying blog, collection of fictional short stories, and fantasy series... updated on a blog for now until I am finished! Watch me game on occasion or make music... and subscribe!

Albion Online
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  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member LegendaryPosts: 7,458
    edited November 2019
    The start of Albion to get improving on PvP falls on several points
    • Joining a guild (easing group play for relevant content is core)
    • Finding a build for the X type of content you want to play and start fame farming it, you do that currently standard is doing random dungeons found on the open world as a party as good for PvE fame.
    • Gathering to make money, at the start this tends to be core, focusing on one gathering profession and leveling it higher will allow to hit higher tier resources, this is the standard way to make money.

    Reading through this is quite important it has milestones recommended to be achieved on your first days, weeks, etc...
    It will also explain many things that the game by itself won't and allow you to not fall into common mistakes.

    As for your impressions
    • The arena is currently just training you only get some rewards 3 times a day if you win and that's it.
    • The silver taken from downing a player on the yellow zone, that is not actual silver drop from the player it's a % of the durability worth of the items the player has equip, it happens when you get downed anywhere. The full loot pvp starts on the Red zones.
    • Yellow zone is not where PvP is meant to happen, there is are no rewards besides those just wanting to pick a random fight or joining some content that spawns on yellow-zone such as the treasure chests or hellgates, hence why there is just a downed state.
    • There are trade route quests already, via the city factions where you can make around well over 1million /hour transporting city hears. This is also a pvp risk content because while faction flagged there is full loot pvp everywhere, including yellow & blue.
    • The blackzone is the zone where pvp is by default on, there are no safe zones in such place, they are also the zones with the highest map tiers and highest rewards, it's where people can gather T7/8 resources, have higher fame multiplier and loot chances on dungeons, and it's basically where the core of the PvP of the game centralizes, from ganking to territory fights.

    Albion is a great game with a decently stable economy and nuf oportunity for all players, it's also unforgiving as hell and requires peeps to know what they are doing, have the support of a guild to play with, to not randomly lose everything and ragequit ^^
  • WarEnsembleWarEnsemble Member UncommonPosts: 252
    I find your shameless channel plugging distasteful.
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