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We can make Good things Happens. Anson Mount's Pike Series & others.

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 43
Every Trekkie & Sci Fi Fan Sign up & Share wherever you can think of: Good Targets Shown at this Petition & fine Description. Weird how ST Fandom being so slow with this when see all the Support at web for Anson Mount's Captain Pike Series.. The Expanse & Shadowhunters got more than 80k signatures before long wait. Lets get it on <3 Tag Amazon Studios & Amazon Prime Video to Tweets (also others that you think can create Pike series). I’m long time A.Prime Video Subber. Silly Seven Days Free Trial should’ve been removed from APV long time ago cause people can exploit that & then APV loses. Weird how still keeping that up. 

Supah Talented Anson Mount as Pike was one of best things to happen to Star Trek :) His performance on that Time Crystal scene was Stunning & was one of many great scenes since he first appeared on S02E01. Beauty Enterprise Bridge, Corridors & Doors we're waiting to see you more in Anson's Pike Series :) Weird that shooting 14x eps for S02 took eight months. 8 months for 14x eps. is long time indeed like Anson said. Would've thought that they get it done in 6x months even it's high quality sci-fi series.:smile:

Now STD's S03 (without Pike sniff) has premiere ep. airing earliest in Autumn 2020 & same w amazing 'The Orville' w it's S03. That's cause of stupid Fox Network didn't renew The Orville, but Mickey's Suits came to save it into 'Hulu' Streaming Service. Should've been saved by Amazon Studios to APV & not by Mickey. Won't complain cause there's more Orville inc. https://www.change.org/p/star-trek-fans-cbs-give-us-a-pre-tos-star-trek-series-w-captain-pike-struggle-is-pointless <-- Sign up & Share around Wicked Wide Web <3 Use #StarTrekPike & #PikeSeries Hashtags with Petition on Twitter & in Instagram. No more than 2x Hashtags per tweet for a chance to get it Trending & to be shown properly at search list.

Hope we get them to trending many times. Here's good Anson's Interviewhttps://trekmovie.com/2019/04/17/anson-mount-open-to-pike-show-but-requires-creative-conversations-to-return-to-star-trek/ Anson Mount & Ethan Peck (Spock) were on CalgaryExpo & at Trek Las Vegas. Some other Petitions that need Signatures & Sharing: 

'Stunning Comics to Telly Adaptation
Ask Petition launcher to Tag more than Netflix like Amazon Prime Videohttps://www.change.org/p/netflix-we-want-travelers-season-4 'Beauty Martial Arts'https://www.change.org/p/the-badlands-is-family-cast-crew-and-fans-combined-in-one-purpose-to-save-this-amazing-and-epic-show-join-the-family-savethebadlands 

Also Remember to stream 'DC Titans' via DC Streaming Service if you live in Usa & via Crapflix a.k.a Netflix when S02 arrives there. Sad cause Amazon Prime Video didn't get it as i prefer APV :/ Share good word about it regularly around Wicked Wide Web so we get the S03 Renewal News sooner than later <3 It must not have almost similar fate to beauty 'Swamp Thing' (Petition link above) cause it deserves to live <3 #WeCanAchieveGreatThings #SharingIsCaring #Entertainment https://www.instagram.com/dcutitans/

Kindly: Fan of Great Entertainment

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