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Downfall970Downfall970 Member Posts: 39
Roma Victor is thee game ive been looking for, great gameplay, decent graphics, huge craft and combat system, and therefor a definite for me.

All this will be killed completly if theres alot of lag. When i was watching the videos at the sight, they all showed alot of lag. If theres lag, they can add any features and tweaks they want because they wont amount to jack when it takes forever for your choppy moving character to do them. Getting better servers or host computers or whatever it takes to get rid of more lag is in my opinion basically one of the most important things, because a shitty game that you can play lag free will be more fun then a great game that has a ton of lag.

Edit: can i hear some support or flaming on this?


  • KanothKanoth RedBedlam Comm. Mgr.Member Posts: 295

    The lag you saw in the movie was FPS...and since it's a beta, those frame rates were really pretty good for that dirty of code.  The connection was just fine, the problem was with the computer running it.  If it was a more powerful computer (or the code was more refigned) then  you wouldnt have seen that "lag".  Here's a little leak from the GOCaT forums:

    Lag when used in our particular technical context usually refers to network latency. This means the speed of the connection between your computer and the servers. 

    Frame rate is measured in frames per second, and therefore also sometimes known as FPS. If you have debug text enabled in your client you'll see this number in the top-left of your display. Frame rates have much less to do with the network and much more to do with the performance of your computer when running this software. 

    Please be sure that when you report lag, you're not actually referring to low frame rates and vice-versa. 

    Thanks - the differentiation means a lot to us! 


    "Rome wasn't coded in a day"
    - Kanoth

  • Downfall970Downfall970 Member Posts: 39
    thank you Kanoth, thats what i was looking for image
  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310

    Well I was impressed by your was really obvious that they were released a long while ago and that now the game is running more smoother....well it better be :P

    Anyway wish you guys host another contest for more Roma Victor Beta test accounts or have special offers for experienced beta testers....I am really looking forward this game, and I have a lot of faith in british developers!!

    Lol let me know plz if any openings are available....probably not :P but there's no wrong in asking with a little hope =D


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