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custom soundtrack of about 200 songs for the game?

ValkanisarValkanisar Member UncommonPosts: 494
hello everyone. just curious would people be interested if i create a drop box for my space ambient songs i have made over the years, and ask for donations to the folks who decide they want it and i send the link to the dropbox? i will send the music to you first so you can have a listen to see if you like. what ever you think it would be worth to have like 200 songs to listen to while playing eve. even if you dont have a lot of isk i can hook you up for free 8). just let me know before i do all the work to redownload all the songs from my soundcloud to put into a zip and uploaded to dropbox. cheers.
Should I download and upload about 200 songs for eve for everyone?
  1. Would you like to get a hold of this massive ambient soundtrack?0 votes
    1. Yes of course
    2. Throw that crap in the garbage..lol
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