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Crowfall Development Timeline

Arkade99Arkade99 Member RarePosts: 538
A new interview at Ten Ton Hammer, along with today's live stream Q&A, has given us an idea of the remaining development timeline. You can read the article here:

and watch the video here:

The next update (5.110) will be a huge one, and is slated for early 2020. In the Q&A, Todd said maybe January, but more likely February, with some testing of individual things prior to that on the TEST server. Once that update is live, they will be in polish and balance mode, and after that, launch.

Not only does the next update include the Dregs (guild vs guild pvp), but it also adds more layers to the pvp strategy game, while allowing guilds to build their own cities. Previously, city building was only in Eternal Kingdoms (personal worlds used as market and/or social hubs). The in-campaign city building will be even a step or two beyond that, as we will be able to place specific buildings that provide different benefits. I highly recommend watching the video for all the details (starts at 32 minutes).

We don't know how much balancing and polishing will be needed or how long that will take, but the finish line is definitely in sight.


  • Arkade99Arkade99 Member RarePosts: 538
    New Q&A is up on Twitch:

    Starting at about the 34 minute mark, Todd talks about parcel adjectives, which are basically a way for players and parcels to interact with each other. One example was that a road parcel would give a packpig a speed boost when on the road. Another was a swamp parcel that gives players a debuff while they are in it. 

    There will be some stuff that uses this tech in the next milestone, like buildings in the Dregs ruleset which create a no fly zone, or that prevent tunneling. 

    Starting at the 12:10 mark, Todd talks about additions that are coming to the PvP strategy game. Basically, these are pseudo-quests that give people a way to contribute to the war effort without having to siege keeps and forts (targeted at smaller groups, mostly).
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