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How people are playing counts too, their reaction !

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 5,793
Within the game people are embracing the second generation philosophy. 

I'm sure Blizzard is taking everything into account not only variable numbers of players. 

I'm sure, Blizzard is watching EVERYTHING for future products and sales.  People will come and go.  This is an old game, in fact so old people played it over and over until they couldn't stand it anymore.  The classic version went a long time before it's first expansion that caused a lot of burnout.  With this longevity of high numbers is almost useless. 

This is important too..... It's "free" to accounts .... how can this be monitored ?..... People will come and go at will.  People will play this game simply because it's free and not care.  Huge variable !

4.5 million spike initially will account for something.... But sustainment will be an arbitrary number.  Blizzard knows that, deep down we know it !......... The 4.5 million spike proves it's successful, numbers after that will not count as much.  And again that's not everything, not even close. 

People are enjoying Classic World of Warcraft by a large scale..... Take that into account more !!!!

Enjoyment factor = money

What Blizzard decides to do next in impossible to predict.  We can only have fun by guessing, even by the "self-appointed" accountants.  


  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 5,793
    Emulators are packed solid.

    A few years ago, their were like five.  Months ago I researched and I can't even count so many. In recent weeks my emulator is full beyond count.  In using the social panel that only counts to 50 I have to break my counts into specifics.  Such as "Warlocks 20-30" to search populations. 

    Vanilla is the new craze or the new fad :) 
  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 6,945
    I wonder how those old Vanilla WoW private servers stayed active


  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 5,793
    Last night, Still level 23 I made it to Southshore to get the flight path for when I group for Shadowfang.  While their and since I'm a Rogue, I spent about an hour stealth and pick pocketing around " Durnholde keep".  It's a Rogue paradise for ok money and lock picking....However I only yield about 1.5 gold per hour.  Will do the same for Blackfathoms tonight.  And the beach where the Naga's are is good for lock picking in that area too.

    With working hard and things around the house, the more fun will be over the weekend..... Besides slow is the trick anyway :)
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