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WoW Classic feels like a true sequel to WoW

LipstickpaddyLipstickpaddy Member UncommonPosts: 19
Our internet has been off for 7 days!!!

This created a natural break from WoW Classic.  Oh, given me time to assess my first impressions of the game thus far, after creating 4 characters on the Alliance: Priest, Hunter, Mage, Druid.  All are at level 15, apart from the hunter who is 16.
To put it simply WoW Classic feels like a true sequel for World of Warcraft modern.  Were they have changed every system in the game to make it a fully fledged RPG.

Take my hunter for example.  In WoW Modern I have a 120 hunter and entered the game around the end of The Lich King expansion.  I vaguely remember having to buy bullets, but frankly it had simplified the hunter experience.  

One of my favourite things about a hunter is having to cross Azeroth to find a rare pet.  A true adventure.  I loved this about the hunter, and WoW classic is a very dangerous world to cross.  The road in the Wetlands from the Menethil Harbour to Loch Moden is like a killing road.  Levels 5 to 15 traverse this road in droves and it's constantly killing all that try, making naked runners common on the route.  I noticed this as I was travelling on foot to outside the Undercity to get a flying pet I love.

However when I got the pet it had zero abilities.  You see the mechanic in Classic is that you have to 1) put you pet into the stable, then 2) go and lure a pet and fight enemies with it until you learn an ability that that beast has.  

For example the 3 abilities of the bat, are: Bite, Dive and Screech.  Moreover there are unique levels with the abilities.  For example Bite scales up to level 8.  Dive level 1 won't come for level 30.  And at level 16, I have managed to travel the world learning Bite 1, Bite 2 and Bite 3, and Screech 1, the latter from a spider in the Stonetalen mountains.  That was an epic undertaking at level 16. 
This is why the Beast Lore ability is so great as it will uncover abilities.  The Beast Lore ability is still in Modern WOW, but is redundant as is the light feather BTW is needed to cast the feather fall spell in WoW Classic.

So as you can see the role of the hunter is very deep.  Making the Hunter my favourite Classic character so far.
My first impressions are that Wow Classic has returned players to an MMORPG, with rich mechanics, difficult world and a world heaving with players.  So if you haven't tried, take a look.

But let me add a little more.  You are often in the world questing for much longer than Modern WoW, that I have found it interesting to read the quest test, just to give me a little break of the zone.  Of which the zones are dangerous and have a lot of group content mixed throughout, so playing this game solo is going to be extremely difficult.
Levelling is also very slow, which has made crafting so much more amazing, as you'll be wearing it longer than classic, and trust me, it'll be welcome as the world is so much more dangerous.

Also the hunter was the hardest to level from 1 to 10... died more often than not.  Easiest was the mage... wrecking ball... and grouping out the world has be fantastic.

When I return to Azeroth my Engineering which has hit apprentice level, I'll be seeking to craft the 2nd Gun from the engineering schematics.  Then heading back to Westfall to finish off my questing, which those pesky dust devils have been chasing everyone half way cross the place, as if Al'Akir has whipped up a plague on the land.

Playing on US RP Server: Bloodsail Buccaneers
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