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Destiny 2 free 2 play monetization at a premium price

KeladorKelador Member UncommonPosts: 96
edited August 2019 in Destiny 2
Rambling warning! you have been warned! Here I talk about the proposed upcoming changes to D2 in October and this does not reflect the current build of the game.

So Destiny 2 in October will be rebranded Destiny 2 New Light and will offer the base game, year 1 dlc and access to gambit, pvp, strikes, all planet destinations and other select activities from the past dlc's for free.

Looking into their new business model at first glance its a similar approach to say Guild Wars 2 took but with this weeks blog posts called directors cut we have gleamed more information and started to get a picture of Destiny 2 going forward and how this freemium option will impact the game.

To start of they are retaining the same pricing model for expansions and their annual pass (season pass) they are making changes to the cashshop and how you earn in game currency called bright dust  that is used to purchase a select few premium cosmetics that rotate each week they are basically taking the standard f2p games approach attaching it to daily/weekly quests/bountys this way they control/limit how much a player can earn driving more sales of their other premium currency FOMO sales tactics 101 here. (Source explaining the changes: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/47935 )

Now so far it looks somewhat acceptable given the free 2 play entry point however in the last blog post called directors cut part 3 Luke Smith let slip quite a big change to DLC/Annual pass content:

last year’s Annual Pass, permanently added activities to the game. This year will see events that last for three months and offer new rewards to chase, although at the end of that period, some of the activities will go away. For a time, the rewards will too. But we also acknowledge that part of playing Destiny is collecting all of the stuff, so in future seasons the weapons and Legendary armor associated with these seasonal activities will be added to other reward sites. Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/48072

So they are going with another FOMO f2p game tactic a season that has limited timed event and activities that goes away at the end of the season, again in a f2p game this is acceptable, but this is not free this is content Bungie will be charging for as part of the annual pass! For example last year they released a DLC called Black Armory that added a new endgame activity called forges what Luke Smith is saying is that at the end of the season they would remove the forges and in turn access to that loot pool they provided! 

(I understand this is a move to also keep the D2 install size down as its massive and at breaking point)

It seems that Bungie's plan for Destiny 2 year 3 is to monetize it like a f2p game release timed limited content like a f2p but charge for that content like a standard game and I personally think this is not acceptable if you purchase DLC you should always have access to that content this just shows how money focused and anti-consumer these big developers/publishers have become when a game in its third year shift to fear of missing out type of systems to drive up players time spent in game so in turn they can push micro transactions.

Well thats my thoughts on the changes coming to the Destiny franchise as it moves into a f2p/freemium model.
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