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WHere to get UO software?

rerardrerard Member Posts: 12

After trying Eq, Eq2, GW, DOAC, and AO, I finally realized that nothing compares to UO. I only wish the had updated graphics but oh well cant have everything. I havent played UO in about 5 years though and I noticed Gamestop and EB dont sell it. So how do I get started? Also what are the monthly fees these days? Only thing is it feels like a game this old they should be giving you the software free  like DOAC and AO which are both newer games. Man I really miss the character customization you could do in this game though.



  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    The fact that you haven't played UO in the last 5 years explains why you think the other games can't beat it. UO has spent the last 5 years copying the other games and now anything can beat it because there is no real UO left. If you want to play current day UO then play WOW, SIMs and Diablo2 because that is what is left of UO.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    Since when does EB Games not sell UO. Its even available on the website (as UO: Samuari Empire which has all the expansions to date) and you can get UO:Gold at Wal-Mart if you are lucky enough to find it with all the expansions and an advanced character code (which is really not worth what they want normally) for $9.84.

  • rerardrerard Member Posts: 12
    I thought Samurai was an expansion which is why I said EB doesnt have it, I didnt know that it inulded that full game. I ended up just downloading UO Gold for free though from gamespot.
  • Thunder-Thunder- Member Posts: 165

    Can you send the link of where you found the free download of ultima gold?


  • ReggyReggy Member Posts: 31

    check this

    and go to www.game-master.net for account creation. This way you will see true uo.

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