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WoW Classic Name Reservations Open Today



  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,393
    JeroKane said:

    Rhoklaw said:

    Margrave said:

    This sucks.

    You would think they would be able to get this working on a 17 year old game!

    If I can't get my names, I'm canceling my sub. Classic was the only reason I was sticking around.

    This is embarrassing of Blizzard. This is a joke!

    Look at it this way. Looks like WoW Classic is more popular than people expected.

    For a month or two. Then the rose tinted glasses have fallen off and Classic will be dead, like every other Classic server out there.

    People are always drawn to the lure of Nostalgia and jump on the hype bandwagon.
    Are you referring to classic servers for WoW like private servers? Or classic servers for MMO's in general. Because both of those would be pretty wrong. Classic WoW private servers always had a ton of players, even months after launch, the main problem was keeping them running as Blizzard would get them shut down. Or on the other side, the ones that did lose playerbase usually had major problems with balancing or GM corruption.

    Classic servers for older MMO's are where all the players tend to be, look at EQ. The main servers in EQ aren't doing great other than Firiona Vie, which maintains a high population most of the time, but the only other high population servers are Mangler and Selo which are both classic progression servers.

    Runescape has an oldschool server that maintains almost 3 times the population of their main server and has been running for years. 

    Rose tinted glasses or not, classic wow is going to be pretty damn populated I bet for a lot longer than a couple months. 
  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 12,387
    Kyleran said:
    Best to go with names using foreign characters like accents, umlauts or such, then no one can easily report you. (Or easily spam you)

    Another good one is 1l1l1l1l1ll1ll111ll, in most games all looks like the same character.


    Thanks for those tips Macavity. :)

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