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I hope you can create your own fun.

Its been well over ten years where you can be original in making scenarios in mmorpg's. 

It seems from my experience other players often log in and wait for things to happen.  In fact it's much the reason for LFG and LFD were created.  People tend to be shy or afraid of a blundered consequence. 

Others tend to spam chat with their ideas, PEOPLE DON'T READ CHAT. 
I often look at general chat as "rolling garbage" that rolls to fast and full of jokes and other offensive nature stuff.  Post something serious in among all the garbage and people don't see it.  Even if so, it leaves out details that people feel their not equipped to understand, then they let it slip by. 

Guilds are not the answer (in most cases).  If your level 14 how many others can you expect to be level 14 in your guild ?.... So many people have to wait for max level where their on an even playing field....

Be creative and ask people directly with your idea.  Give details and make them feel comfortable in saying yes... You can fill groups easily if you can get past the stigma that it's a dead game.

It works great for a second generation game.  I'm sure it works better in a First generation game. 


  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 2,141
    I have a feeling that this game wont include a constantly rolling global chat pane full of your mom jokes, I just dont see that community playing this game.
  • KnightFalzKnightFalz Member EpicPosts: 4,292
    If a person can't create their own fun MMORPGs aren't the best choice.

    Theme park games put out new content at a rate slower than it is consumed. To cover the gap one must find their own way to maintain interest if they wish to keep playing until the next content release.

    Sandbox games require players to create their own fun almost entirely. There is no yellow brick road directing you along a path of spoon-fed content to keep you occupied.
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