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Astellia - Enter The Colosseum!

MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 8,893

It's Time to Level Up!

Greetings Astellians!

As we have previously said in » This « news announcement, we’ll be providing a “Level Up NPC” for all players to access for CBT1! This will allow you to help shape the future of Astellia, as you will be able to test Legendary Dungeons with your newfound max level character! We'll also be using this NPC at the start of CBT-2 to allow players to quickly resume playing at the Endgame levels. The location, requirements, and complete details of the NPC are below. In order to access Legendary Dungeons, you'll need to open your "Farming Tab" by pressing "U" on your keyboard and select the Legendary dungeon you wish to enter.

We really hope you are having a fantastic time in Astellia and thank you for joining us on this grand adventure!
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