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Closed Beta One Overview -Astellia

NanfoodleNanfoodle Member EpicPosts: 7,723
edited June 20 in Astellia

Our first Closed Beta Test is almost here! As we promised, today we are excited to explain the purpose of CBT-1. First we want to make it clear, for Astellia, the CBT Phase will focus on testing the servers performance, PvE Progression, and collecting user data to support our future content plans.  

We’d like to highlight that during this beta, not all aspects of the game client will match our intended launch specifications. One such example is the tutorial system, which will mirror the version available during the KR launch. The reasoning behind this, is to provide the Developers with data in order to dial in on improvements to these systems in the Western version. This means your support in testing these elements will be invaluable, and we encourage you to share your personal insights with us.

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