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Deceptive site ahead.

AsheramAsheram Member EpicPosts: 5,070
edited June 2019 in Help Desk
I clicked on the "EA Vice President of Legal Adroitly Renames Lootboxes as 'Surprise Mechanics" article on the current forum activity  list and I get a big red page saying deceptive site ahead, back to safety page. I haven't gotten this on any of the other links and can click on the article in the main list fine without getting this warning. Any ideas as to why?

"attackers at may try to trick you and get personal info"


  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 2,141
    Surpise!!!  You just wasted another 5 bucks!!  Try again.
  • MeddleMeddle Administrator UncommonPosts: 758
    I've removed the user's signature.

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  • polskyeddpolskyedd Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Google Safe Browsing services has created this warning message in order to protect its users from browsing unsafe online content. This message usually means that your website is hacked and Google has marked it insecure. These sites are often called phishing or malware sites. It informs about potentially dangerous content on the website you are trying to access and prevents you from entering it. This message is legitimate, however, there are cases when users encounter this warning without any real reason.

    Even though it is not advisable to remove Deceptive Site Ahead filter from your browser, you can do that by following these simple steps:

    Chrome – For Chrome browsers, open up chrome://settings/security into the URL bar, click on the option ‘No protection (not recommended)’. If you follow these instructions,  your browser does not protect you against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions. You’ll still get Safe Browsing protection, where available, in other Google services, like Gmail and Search.  

    However, you will have to protect your computer from the cyber threats by some other means.

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