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6000th post!! but sad.

RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,217
also, the last 80 or so made me realize how little I come here anymore compared to how much I used to.

It's not that I got older and gotten responsibilities like the intent likes to suggest - I may have aged but i play about the same amount. 

It's just that the informative value and entertainment value of the experience with each visit has degraded with time...maybe I am getting older afterall but I am growing uninterested in the following 3 topics:

WoW sucks.
Unreleased game will be awesome.
Released game is being killed by tis devs and business model.

I have seen these forums through the rise and fall of the WoW-killers: AOC, WAR, Aion, GW2 being most prominent, rise of F2P, the rise of non-MMOs, and the "in-development" list continuously shrinking despite non-MMOs being added to the list.

if i could provide one suggestion, it'd be to split the game lists into categories since it's been well established the website covers more than MMOs. Nothing wrong with that, but I would like to be able to filter through them.

I think hitting the 6k milestone will make it easier to take long breaks without feeling the need to check this place as a routine. I'll still be on from time to time.

Thank you.


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