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Have you murdered another player in a MMORPG?



  • Vermillion_RaventhalVermillion_Raventhal Member EpicPosts: 4,023
    UO was awesome in the beta test.  So unpredictable and wonky. UO in general with the bugs, lawlessness and random adventures make it unforgettable.  

    What game can you kill an enemy and loot his runes?  Port into the thick of his guild testing rune and accept your death because you are out of reagents?  You get energy bolted by most of them and some how survive with sliver of life.

    A confused enemy stands around talking about resist being GM.  Me confused because he only has 70 something resist.  You use a few seconds of confusion to quickly recheck bag find reagents and successfully ports out while fumbling with mouse.  

    I think the element of player story, unpredictability and player interactions being limited is underrated.  I mean NPC trains sucked but they were epic at times.  Something you couldn't predict. 

    That was your unique player story.  May have pissed you off but later you can laugh at the idiot wiped a bunch of people running from a horde of gnolls.
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