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Great nostalgia moments.

ForeverdreamForeverdream Member UncommonPosts: 123
Ive been looking for a game to fill that void, ya know, the good ole days void.  Nothing yet! So i wanted to just make a post on some good nostalgia moments from the games i enjoyed

UO - ok so i was a little kid and thought making the floor of my house into a nazi symbol was cool ( yeah it wasn't) 

Gw1 - My favorite mmo i ever played.  I can still remember sitting in ascalon trying to get my alt ran to fort ????? then to droks forge so i could get that awesome 15k armor!  I loved fissure of woe and UW. I remember completing my FoW set and feeling like a complete boss. ( pre nightfall)

L2- Had a beast stormscreamer, i mainly just killed reds 

wow- I started a couple months before TBC released, i had a night elf druid and remeber getting stuck in classic because i didnt have a guild and STV was a pain in the ass in classic, I went back to gw till tbc released. 

wow tbc/cata - I stuck with wow from tbc to release of cata, many great memories but wow had pretty much died to me.

Age of conan- My 2nd fav mmo, i cant say anything bad about this game other than Funcoms  piss poor handling of such a masterpiece.

Aion- I really liked early aion, launch till 2.0 i played and loved it, i remember being on of the first assassins on the server with full DP gear, and one of the few statics that could clear s rank DP

Tera- Launch was awesome, had a elf lancer that wrecked, got to cap and quit playing, i cant remeber why.

After this mmo's kinda became dull, Yeah i've tried the news one but eh... none have stuck me yet

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