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Not at all a MMO - POE Delver reaches level 2050.

KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 35,153
As a new player back in March to POE I became interested in Delving, a process of fighting your way ever deeper in a mine, gathering loot along the way. 

So I was striving for my personal mark of getting to level 100 before the league ended (only got to 90) in the waning days, when a message popped up saying a player was the first person to reach level 2000.

Boggled my mind so much I promptly died......almost doing so again when the next day the same person reached level 2050.

Inspired my friend and I so much for the new league this week we are rolling delving optimised builds and will see how deep we can get.

Stupid non-MMOs, aren't supposed to be this entertaining.....


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