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Earth is not in its true Atmospheric State the Greenhouse Earth but it will be

KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812
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"Earth is more commonly placed in a greenhouse state throughout the epochs, and the Earth has been in this state for approximately 80% of the past 500 million years, which makes understanding the direct causes somewhat difficult."
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"During an icehouse Earth, greenhouse gases tend to be less abundant, and temperatures tend to be cooler globally. The Earth is currently in an icehouse stage, as ice sheets are present on both poles and glacial periods have occurred at regular intervals over the past million years."

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  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812
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    Rank Country Age-standardised rate per 100,000
    1 Australia 33.6 
    2 New Zealand 33.3
    3 Norway 29.6
    4 Denmark 27.6
    5 Netherlands 25.7
    6 Sweden 24.7
    7 Germany 21.6
    8 Switzerland 21.3
    9 Belgium 19.9
    10 Slovenia 18.6
    11 Luxembourg 16.5
    12 Ireland 16.3
    13 Finland 15.8
    14 UK 15.0
    15= Austria 13.6
    15= France (metropolitan) 13.6
    17 US 12.7
    18 Czech Republic 12.6
    19= Canada 12.4
    19= Italy 12.4
    "Some 940 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in Israel, which has one of the highest rates of that type of cancer in the world. "

    Solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed methods include increasing the planetary albedo, for example using stratospheric sulfate aerosols. Restorative methods have been proposed regarding the protection of natural heat reflectors like sea ice, snow and glaciers with engineering projects. Their principal advantages as an approach to climate engineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, their potential low financial cost, and the reversibility of their direct climatic effects.

    Solar radiation management projects could serve as a temporary response while levels of greenhouse gases can be brought under control by mitigation and greenhouse gas removal techniques. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere
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  • AestheticismsAestheticisms Newbie CommonPosts: 4
    Have you read original papers from Nature and Science?
  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812
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    Quetzals of Monteverde Cloud ForestMonteverde Costa Rica Quetzal
    "the Mayas and the Aztecs revered this sacred bird using the tail feathers in their headdresses."
    "Unfortunately, the birds are now threatened in parts of the world, primary due to the disappearance of their tropical habitats."

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  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 14,505
    I am not sure what you are tying to say, but great pictures and don't live in Australia, OK. :)

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    Now Doesn't That Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside? :P

  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812
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  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812

  • iamokkkiamokkk Newbie CommonPosts: 8
    i think that's relly interesting thoughts.
    There is something to think about...
  • PutrefeePutrefee Member UncommonPosts: 46
    "For some untold eons prior to the evolution of these cyanobacteria, during the Archean eon, more primitive microbes lived the real old-fashioned way: anaerobically."

    Part of life. We aren't the first species on this planet to ruin it's environment. 

    "Whenever my children complain about the planet to me, I say 'Shut up, I just got here myself'. - Kurt Vonegut

    A lot of people were born dependant on the infrastructure that is contributing to climate change. Some of these people work hard everyday just trying to provide food and shelter for themselves, let alone families.

    Making people feel guilty about being born into this world,  while offering no real solutions forward that provide a decent life experience for the majority who are already here and struggling, is going to make them defensive and less receptive to change... IMO.

    Educating women, opening up professional paths for women, more contraceptives (male and female), has proven to decrease family size and actually lower the population. This is the kind of change that will help address humans impact on their environment prior to new technologies creation and prolifaration that will be sustainable with a larger population.

    Short of WW3, I do not see things changing as fast as scientists are saying we need to change. To many belief systems, governments, societies, economies, whatever... 

    I read US produced 2.x% less carbon last year but China produced 4% more. 

    At least we can take solace in knowing life will go on, even if our species goes extinct.

  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812
    Putrefee said:
    even if our species goes extinct.

    yes your species will go extinct
  • nicosimanicosima Newbie CommonPosts: 7
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     prolifaration that will be sustainable economies, whatever. 
  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 1,812
    Putrefee said:
    even if our species goes extinct.

    maybe you will be a microwave

  • PutrefeePutrefee Member UncommonPosts: 46
    edited January 2020
    KingNaid said:
    Putrefee said:
    even if our species goes extinct.

    maybe you will be a microwave

    Most of my dystopian nightmares start here. 

    How much will it cost to digitize myself?

    Can we afford to give everyone immortality?

    Should we create digital consciousness and shed our frail biological bodies? That would make space travel a lot easier.

    Maybe do that but keep a stock of our biological origin for research and evolution...

    OMG, has this already happened and I'm just part of a study for some digital overlords?

    I am going to have to read more of your other threads KingNaid. I never really considered that we might be our own aliens, in a sense.

    Edit: if our consciousness was digital, we could have small pill shaped spacecraft to carry us around the universe. It wouldn't have to be very big at all, even with today's data storage technology. 

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