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100% PvP, I can't justify it's not



  • SoybeanSoybean Member UncommonPosts: 109
    18 months
    I wouldn't even give it that.
  • SoybeanSoybean Member UncommonPosts: 109
    jahlon said:

    I failed to see anything that looked like an argument for why PvE players would quit?

    It's called griefing.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,655
    Soybean said:
    jahlon said:

    I failed to see anything that looked like an argument for why PvE players would quit?

    It's called griefing.
    Silly rabbit, there can be no griefing in a PVP game, don't you know this by now?


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  • Torin_KhaosTorin_Khaos Member UncommonPosts: 18
    edited June 2019
    They have a flagging system and "PVP lakes" hardly a 100% open world PVP gankers paradise. Not to mention the chances of this game ever seeing the light of day are astronomical at best.

    Since the flagging system does not give you a choice about pvp attacks then yea its a ganker paradise. They will find a way around the A$$hole filter fairly quickly would be my guess. Its what the devs do about it that will make or break the game. 

    Like i said as PVE'er i dont mind some pvp really dont want to go back to the days of archage gankfest and wount continue to pay for a sub if thats how it ends up. if i need to defend my city or help the guild or something i am down with some pvp. 
  • ZiltchZiltch Member CommonPosts: 9
    edited July 2019
    *Reads through entire thread*

    1. Yes, PvP is on everywhere, except inside your own freehold and if you man a stall in a Node, those are only safe spots :P
    (Node itself not safe, but has guards which will come after you if you attack someone so....) 

    2. If you kill green (non-flagged people, aka people who do not fight back, aka gank) you gain corruption, corruption lowers your PvP efficiency and gives you the risk of dropping your gear on death, the higher corruption the more demerit, the higher your level than green person, the more corruption you gain on kill, so ganking/griefing... good luck?

    You'll be pretty useless after a few kills if you're ganking low levels.
    You will also be highlighted on map for Bounty Hunters, have PvP Efficiency lowered as heck, and your death penalties will be way higher.

    Death penalties include XP debt, xp that needs to be re-earned, before it's paid back your stats will be lowered based on how much XP debt you have.

    Which again means, the time it will take for you to recover from your death penalties will be way longer. Oh and only a certain amount of corruption is removed on death, so if you have a lot you might have to die several times.

    3. If you die as green, you have higher death penalties than if you're purple (aka flagged for combat aka fight back)

    4. this is because they want the entire economy to be connected, meaning you have to take risks if you want to earn anything. 

    5. They never said this game is for everyone, they've said this game is not for everyone however.

    6. Am not PvPer, am excited for this game.

  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 10,317
    Maybe some here should go play LotR
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