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City of Heroes is fantastic but...

ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 2,857
So I have been playing City of Heroes as my main MMO for a few days now. I created a hero name Skelet who is a ex-wizard and a tank instead of a healer. I have been rescuing citizens of Atlas Park and I have hit lvl 10. I think CoH may be the best MMO I have ever played with a friendly community, a great story, and amazing lore for the world. I loving just walking around Atlas Park and hearing NPC's about a meteorite that crashed in a nearby town just waiting to deal with that down the line.

The only problem is that I know their will never be new content for City of Heroes. I have come in at a good time since the servers are full but at a bad time because the game isn't been worked on anymore. Massively OP did an article that said that they hope that new story content comes to City of Heroes at some point but I don't even know if the community would be for it. It would be like adding story content to Vanilla WoW. Its fanfic at that point and their is no guarantee the story they tell will live up  to CoH. I know people on these forums are saying that CoH is around that Ship of Heroes of City of Titans doesn't need to exist anymore but I feel the exact opposite. When I play CoH I enjoy my time with the game immensely and when I log off I think about what I will be experiencing tomorrow but while I am playing I just can't help but wish that SoH or CoT was already upon us or already here. At least then I would know that the game would be getting content updates, hopefully anyway.

After playing CoH I have a newfound appreciation for what SoH and CoT are trying to do and I even put more money down on SoH. I will CoH for the foreseeable future of course. It has gripped by attention but as someone who didn't play the game at launch and doesn't have nostalgia for it I feel like once I get through the content offered I will leave Skelet behind and that breaks my heart.

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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,973
    There's a massive amount of content. I think you would be hard pressed to get through it all. There are so many contacts and missions and other things to do. Badges to collect and signature arcs , task/strike force and it definitely has more than when I stopped playing. 

    Still is an amazing game. The best part is how they mesh when you group. I hope these other games are able to achieve the diversity in powers City of Heroes/Villains have. I am also looking forward to the new games too.
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  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 15,336
    I thought there was loads of content, then they added CoV and the create your own missions thing. It had drawbacks, the PvP could be odd, I remember questing solo when this guy decided he had to attack me but he must not have realised our level difference and I squashed him, we should not have been in the same instance.
  • MadFrenchieMadFrenchie Member LegendaryPosts: 8,505
    DMKano said:
    For me CoH/V never had staying power.

     I found it fun for a bit but it quickly became boring mostly due to limited skills that every build has that makes it all a bit boring after a while.

    I played with a few of my hardcore raid guides from EQ1 - we played for about 6 weeks originally and then quit as we ran out of content fast.  We would come back for a week as new content released but would quickly burn through it and go back to EQ1.

    To me CoH always felt like a short term casual backup game to jump to - but never quite felt like a main game as it lacked gameplay depth and ultimately staying power.

    Just my 2c
    That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  Powers like Hasten and Rage have debuffs on expiration that discourage every hero from grabbing Hasten for the CD reduction.

    The enhancement diversification also discouraged the boring 5-damage 1-accuracy standard, too.  There's no longer a good reason to stack the same enhancement past 3 for most powers (obviously, things like resistance passives only take resist enhancements and are worth going beyond 3 even with the diminished returns).

    I remember playing on live when it came put and every one of my heroes ran a Hasten build.  None of my toons have it now.

  • jsunleejsunlee Newbie CommonPosts: 2

    Hey there! I'm a collector of the City of Heroes CCG.

    Does anyone here collect City of Heroes or know of someone who does and would be up for trading/selling parts of their collection? I'm looking to complete playsets too, so I'd be interested in bulk. 

    Basically, if you've got City of Heroes CCG cards, I'd love to chat with you! :)
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