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The central market change is amazing - 24 hours, got a complete outfit+value pack

BaalzharonBaalzharon Member RarePosts: 514
edited June 2 in Black Desert Online
Before the market changes, I literally one month spent 1 week (7 days) 12-15 hours a day trying to get an outfit for my character. That was one wasted summer week I had off and I was bedridden (or chair ridden I suppose) so I had nothing better to do. Couldn't go outside or do anything or even make my way downstairs. So I spent it figuring I should for sure get an outfit with all that time.

Nope, not even close

Yesterday I came back to BDO, put in a pre-order for the kibelius outfit, 1 hour got it. Johhny depp: Put in a pre-order for the awakening kibelius set and within 30 minutes got it. Put in a pre-order for a value pack, within 24 hours (not sure exactly how long since I went to bed) and it was there waiting for me.

And with how much free stuff they throw at you, it was all really easy to afford with all my intense free stuff for coming back they threw my way.

You can literally play the game with relying on other people to buy the stuff for you, without much work involved (due to all the near endless free things they pile on you).

Though with that said, it looks like there is a lot of pre-orders for VPs now, so I dunno how how it would be or long it would take to get one (there was only a few when I put mine in)...but market changes are amazing as far as pearl items go. No longer is it a stupid RNG market on top of a heavy RNG MMO.
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