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  • esc-joconnoresc-joconnor Member RarePosts: 1,097
    SBFord said:
    Phry said:
    I have a feeling it's just that someone at Blizzard was influenced by Game of Thrones ;)
    That would explain the deaths, city burnings, and Cersei Sylvanis's behaviour.
    Cersei? i was kind of comparing Sylvannas with the Frost King  :p
    Daenerys Stormborn, tyvm. I mean, geez, folks....who burned King's Landing? Wasn't Cersei or that loser the Night King. :P

    For the Dark Lady! ;)

    Speaking of bad writing, I think I was trying to forget that garbage already. :(
    I shouldn't have expected much after last season. It was too good to last I guess.

    Aside from a city full of innocents actually burning I can't see any other parallels there though.

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