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If NCSoft decided to make a sequel, will it beat SoH and CoT out the gate?

DabOnThemDabOnThem Member UncommonPosts: 141
Hypothetically, if NCSoft works on a sequel now, do you believe it will beat SoH and CoT to the punch as a released mmo to the public? There has been some small testing with SoH, but nothing released to the public in terms of an alpha or beta.


  • syltmackasyltmacka Member UncommonPosts: 404
    yea bigger budget and perhaps better writers. more pro style i guess all in all.
  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 1,127
    I believe you are specifically asking if it will release before SoH and CoT?  I don't think so, not if they just started working on it now and it was an actual mmorpg and not some BR or arena game.

    Do I think it would be more of a big deal and draw?  Yes.  I think SoH and CoT have sadly largely flown under people's radar, and there are also a huge percentage of players that will ignore any and all games that aren't triple AAA games or lower graphics quality indie games regardless of gameplay and systems that become big deals through some sort of hipsterism I can't figure out.

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  • GladDogGladDog Member RarePosts: 1,097
    SoH is probably a year from actual release, and the supporters beta should be starting Q4 this year.  I doubt NCsoft can move THAT fast!  :)  That said, if they decided to remaster CoH They MIGHT be able to beat SoH, but even at that I doubt it.  The code used by Cryptic for CoH is so hashed up that the only thing that a code team trying to update the game to Unreal 4, for example, could use is the lore and story arcs.  There are absolutely no tools in existence to port that sad Cryptic code to a modern engine.

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  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 10,267
    Depends on how many resources ($$ and staff) they have devoted to it. None of us would know that, which pretty much just makes it a guessing game.
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  • Blaze_RockerBlaze_Rocker Member UncommonPosts: 370

    Not a chance. NCsoft would need a year just to get started and they've had more than ten to work on a sequel.

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  • AlverantAlverant Member RarePosts: 1,278
    Even if they did, would people trust them after what happened with CoH? I don't think NC pays much attention to their non-Korean offices and allows them to be mismanaged.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 40,904
    Likely NCSoft would focus on a mobile only title rather than a sequel PC / console style game.

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