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Interest in a Borderlands MMORPG?

GutlardGutlard Member RarePosts: 1,019
Hey Gamers,

I just love Borderlands games, and mainly felt bad for no discussions being under Borderlands 3 yet, but wanted to see if anyone else would've been even more interested if 3 was a Borderlands MMORPG.

Do you think it would work better as a Sandbox, Themepark, Sandpark/Themebox etc?

What kind of mechanics do you think would work well in the Borderlands universe?

What type of classes would be awesome to play?

Do you think the graphics would still lend themselves to a rich/immersive atmosphere?

I hope 3 is as fun as the previous ones, sticks to the the tried and true formula, but also adds deeper/expanding game play, but man what an IP for a MMORPG!

Gut Out!

What, me worry?



  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,555
    Not a bad idea at all. 

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    No thanks, running around and dropping weapons I picked up 15 minutes ago doesn't fit well in an MMO.
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  • GutlardGutlard Member RarePosts: 1,019
    Grunty said:
    No thanks, running around and dropping weapons I picked up 15 minutes ago doesn't fit well in an MMO.
    That's just a mechanic that would have to be reworked for a MMORPG. I never assumed it would be as simple as a genre relabel.

    Maybe they would address it with their crafting systems and other economy systems. You couldn't have access to that much loot and just resell it. That would be too easy too and ruin 'the market'.

    With the number of gear manufacturers, possible recipes, elemental combinations etc, it could be a very deep/customizable/fun system overall.

    Gut Out!

    What, me worry?

  • HatefullHatefull Member EpicPosts: 2,333
    I like the idea, a lot actually, but I cringe when I think of how poorly it will be implemented. Great idea, but I would hate to see another IP ruined by going MMORPG. 

    If you want a new idea, go read an old book.

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