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  • WargfootWargfoot Member UncommonPosts: 251
    edited May 2019

    I've long wondered just how "real" vr is. I've never tried it. So do things far away actually look far away, or is there just an impression of distance, or a sort of relative distance? Is it like the holograms on cards? Distances exist, but they're relative, not true to life.

    I'd pay to see what it's like, but I don't think it'd be profitable for arcades since a lot of people would just buy one if they liked it.

    I bet youre having a blast. We're getting a taste of future VR. I remember seeing things about VR in the 1980's and people said it wouldn't go anywhere, and now it's going somewhere.

    ED looks like an itneresting game for sure. I almost bought it on steam when ti's on sale, but I always hesitate because therer'e so many games I wnat to try and I rarely devote any time to the ones I already have.

    In VR I have a view out the front window of my ship.

    I can kind of see the hood/hardpoints when seated, but if I stand up and lean forward I can see out over the hood of my ship right on down to the front 'bumper'.  If I turn around I can see  the rest of the cockpit behind me or, if I'm careful, I can get out of my real life chair and look underneath my virtual captain's chair.

    I often fly close to stations/asteroids such that I'm looking straight up (through the sunroof, so to speak) to make sure I'm not getting too close.

    Not only can I look to the left and right, or up and down, to see what is happening around my ship but I'm also working with a huge display area for ship controls/menu items/navigation.  Most of my menus aren't available unless I turn my head, at which point they pop open without being on top of my main console.

    I was never a huge VR fanboy but I'll be honest, now that I've tried it I cannot imagine going back.
  • WargfootWargfoot Member UncommonPosts: 251
    edited May 2019
    Wizardry said:

    So no,i already looked at Elite Dangerous a long time ago,it's not a good game,the idea behind it is ok but we are not ready for it and neither are developers.Space games need about 3-5x the production when compared to a mmorpg,so unless your a really big developer,loads of money,300 man team,FORGET IT.It reminds me of VR games,total crap but people got suckered in buying VR headsets so feel the need to buy ANY game just to use them.

    It is fine that you have an admittedly unfounded opinion (1), and I don't take exception to that because bias saves us from the need to investigate everything that we encounter.  That said, when you make the leap into thinking that you know why other people have made a particular entertainment choice you go too far.

    I've been skeptical of VR ever since it was introduced and I absolutely thought of space games as something for Top Gun wannabes. I thought I'd give it a try because, like you, I'd never actually tried any of it before.  In short, I entered the VR Elite Dangerous experience biased against it - I even think the name of the game is really stupid.

    About 10 seconds after putting on a VR headset I knew that my gaming experience had just leapt up a notch.  About 10 minutes in Elite Dangerous and I knew I wouldn't be able to go back.  The experience of "WHOA, THIS BLOWS ME AWAY" has happened to every single person to which I've shown the VR/ED experience - which includes people who don't even like video games.

    I honestly don't know if I could go back to a 2D MMORPG.

    1: You've not played the game at all, much less in VR.  You've admitted as much.

  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard Member LegendaryPosts: 8,131
    edited May 2019
    @Wizardry has the sad habit of spitting on games he didn't even try, even games with very high production quality like ED. Just don't pay attention.
    "The ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent" - Qui-gon Jinn in Star Wars.
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