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Albion Online....... more than meets the eye

A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276
Hi guys,

about 2 years ago i brought a game called Albion online and i though wow this looks poop, and i logged off after 1hour,

well it went F2P about 2 weeks ago and i saw its population went massive, so i though hey im going to give it a go.
Full loot pvp..... parties are a must.... guilds are a must..... huge fights.

i honestly thought i wouldnt like this game, but i am hooked right now. if you guys try it, be sure to join a guild as this enhances the experience 10 fold.

just give it a try guys its free, ill put my invitation link here, use it if u want, i get some extra gold but if u dont, it doesnt matter to me at all, rather you try the game out, 

even if u wanna hit me up n game the IG Name is: SirAiden

Referral link:

peace out people

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