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The Market update

Mars_OrbitalMars_Orbital Member RarePosts: 951
edited April 23 in Black Desert Online
HAs killed the game for me. I trying to get back into the swing but everytime I got to the market and see things 25% -%50 more expensive from the old market, I get a headache and log off. 

1. The market implented isn't what was shown from the test server. 
2. the algorithm seems to be dialed in fro people who don't have a llife pushing prices way high

Outfits which where 50-75mil are now 150 and up
Memory frags were steady at 750k-ish, now over 1.5mil 

I think this game gone from being one of the best for all players, to being the best if you have no life. 
Currently in my uninstall list for 2019. 

"Killed just about everything that walked or crawled at one time or another,and I'm here to kill you Little Bill, for what you did to Ned" - William Munny / Unforgiven .

Block Level : Defcon 4


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