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HyperX QuadCast Microphone: A Slam Dunk for HyperX - MMORPG.com

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 7,110
edited March 2019 in News & Features Discussion

imageHyperX QuadCast Microphone: A Slam Dunk for HyperX - MMORPG.com

Over the years HyperX has become synonymous with PC gaming, so it makes sense that in addition to great peripherals and headsets it would only be a matter of time before we saw an attempt to break through into another avenue. Well move over Yeti, HyperX has unveiled the HyperX QuadCast, a USB condenser microphone that promises clear and consistent audio, but does it deliver? Check out our review.

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 18,375
    Reviewing mics is a VERY tricky ordeal,this particular review is very subpar because there is ZERO comparison towards competitor's products and nothing to discuss over the different spectrums.

    Obviously a very expensive mic sounds different,imo almost always darker/lower,is that always best?
    What if recording the drums ,you want all spectrums,what if recording soprano,opera singing,what if recording tenor singing.

    Do highs sound tinny or clearly represent the pure voice or are expensive mics changing the pure sound,so you could say sounds fake.

    There is literally ZERO comparisons in this review,poorly done review.There are $30 microphones that do a really good job,there are really good Shure mics for around $99,so how does the $139 price tag stack up?We don't know the review didn't do anything to give any answers.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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