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Revelation Online Review

xD_GamingxD_Gaming Member EpicPosts: 2,746
SO for the past few weeks I dove into Revelation Online. It was out of pure snoozing in Skyforge did I simply clicked the install button on the My.com app. My expectations  were at nothing because; 1. I never really like over the type Chinese themes(Silk Roads :s  ); 2. Anime cartoon-ish themes don't interest me; 3 I am simply waiting for Conquer's Blade to drop;

So immediately I began to play this like BDO and that was the wropong approach. It is not BDO in anyway or form. It has nothing like BDO in it and why I tried to muscle through it like BDO is testament to how BDO changed the way I play games. SO I rerolled and began a new. THe pace of leveling is fast, if that is what you ant, but there are a ton of litle details that can be overlooked by taking the  "huhuhurawr"(copy-write this post) leveling to the top style.

In redefining my sense of what a Chinese themed can be , Revelation has done so in a way I wasn't expecting. 

Character Creator : Just awesome. You can really create some really cool characters  in all different shapes and sizes, though no fat characters. Plenty of hair styles , plenty of sliders and the on thing that stood out most, eyes. Eyes are on of the most overlooked feature in creating a character and only a handful of games get it right. Revelation did a great job to the point of me spending more time with creating characters then time spent in game(sarcasm).

Content:  a great deal exists in many different forms.  

  • Adventure League - Seeking Spirits and Daily Token quests are the two main daily to run every day and reset at 5am.
  • Hard Raid -are weekly quests that allow for 10 runs per boss per loot. I am not sure if it is 3 boss's always or more but last week it was 10/10/10  for runs giving 30 chances of obtaining gold gear*highest color)
  • Crafting - it's confusing deep is a great way. It is one of those crafting mechanism that has many laye of of attributes and subsets that can be confusing at first, but as it grows on you more complex in how it is ustulizred in gathering and crafting. SOme may argue me on crafting , but I've seen much worse feature in triple AAA titltes(cough ESO cough).
  • Chronicles - A cool story type mode that goes from town to town  and creates a narrative that is kind of like a Clue game but with out the murder. You will get to find out back stories and lore as you follow the clues  to solve the mysteries of objects, people, relics  ect.
  • Mythos - I will be 100% honest, I don't get it yet.
  • General Quests - the call them Spirit Quests, a lot of them exist I have done a bunch.
Character  Advancement : It would seem they have jit a good balance with advancing the character. Attribute system in the character panel , skill point attributes, sapecial skill point attribute and advancement system along with the crafting attributes(hence deep and confusing) that really give you some leverage in how you want your character to perform. I beleive after level 59 the main character Atrributes are locked in so keep that in mind when changing "per" situation like I've been doing. Last thing you want to throw everything into on pot and hit level 59 and face palm. 

I'm a big fan of attribute point systems because not everyone will create the same character, there will be variences and flare per character per class. 

Classes : google it. 

Now for my favorite part in any game;

Graphics : Graphics are styled in an Amine way. I feel this is probably the best usage I've seen Anime style in an mmorpg. Some areas do shine better then some, but in all they really did a great job dialing in the looks  to performance ratio. Some of the class have really nice cell like shaded skill animation that literally look like an anime cartoon. Some of the zones do come off flat at times , but then you hit a zone that is just a ; stop look ans gasp and how amazing the surroundings look. Make no mistake, this is an Anime mmorpg.  My initial though it would be like Silk Roads, which makes me kind of gag in the back of my throat. I was deeply suprised at how not like Silk roads this is. 

Texturing again, is pere zone it feels, some zones got the woah and others got the oh. They used a lot of cartoon like aesthetics  that sometimes remind of the real modern( art term dating a peice of art, Andy Warhol was Modern) look of Bugs Bunny in the 80's with those impressionist  hard lines and vague fill. It works well for Revelations.  

Creating a game wthat has so much flying can't be easy and finding that balance of performance and beauty even harder. Witht that said they got a good bit of it balanced well.

Some things I find kind of "hmm": is the ton of interpersonal ( college coming full circle lol) items that for the rating of the game which +12 seem  a bit inappropriate (to me) .Same sex kissing , boat rides with other 1 other player, marriage items and just a tone of focus on relationship things  that are basically in a hentia style of game doesn't seem right or moral.  I feel it is a bit over the top in that sense and question why they have it in the game with a rating that low. I'm not a big fan of forced grouping and then adding that layer of overtone  makes it a bit ackward at times when some players are freely advocating icons and emotes to complete strangers. If anything was learned  in the last 5 years, it should be that internet safty needs to be taken  alot more serious and the kind of content released in different rating tiers need to be metered. 

Over all, the game gets a 7.7 from me, A lot of positives, but the interpersonal overtones and decision on interpersonal content seem out of place in the 21st century. 
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