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Anthem 2

NorseGodNorseGod Member RarePosts: 2,007
Assuming EA keeps true to current trends, when do you think is an appropriate time to start Anthem 2 development? 
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  • FlyByKnightFlyByKnight Member EpicPosts: 3,840
    Raging Demons for all flowchart "Kens". This is a metaphor.
  • ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 1,378
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    NorseGod said:
    Assuming EA keeps true to current trends, when do you think is an appropriate time to start Anthem 2 development? 
    I think if Bioware is being honest about EA not giving up on Anthem any time soon and that they assume a long and healthy life for there game then I think development will start in 2021. I think in a year will get an expansion like Destiny and we might get two of those but if EA/Bioware sees a future in this than I think they need to start from the ground up.

    Hopefully they  do what the Division did. Have a horrible launch and a horrible first six months. Than come back swinging and pull a crazy comeback. I don't think that is going to happen. With the PS4 version bricking consoles, the bad press, etc... I think they will keep the game running for a year as I think EA has too much money riding on Anthem. I think if the game doesn't make a comeback by than we will get lootboxes.

    I know people will say the stronghold caches will be lootboxes but that isn't  true. You can't pay money for those. I think the six months to a year will be very important to Anthem going forward. I would love the game to succeed and to pull a Division but as of right now I think that Fallout 76 will do that. I honestly believe they are already starting. Since the 2019 roadmap new people are joining the game and i think at the end of this year we will get a expansion that adds NPC's. Its been hinted at.

    Anthem as I said above has gotten 10x the bad press as any game I have seen in recent memory and that is with Fallout 76. As I have said in many threads the main problem with Fallout 76 was its bugs. Not its endgame or gameplay loo. Now that most the main bugs have been squashed and Bethesda is keen on making the game succesful it can only go up. Anthem has a whole list of problems that I don't think they can fix unless they make a two.

    This comes from a guy who has 35 hours into the game right now and plays for three hours a night. Easily.
  • ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 1,378
    Just to bring it up today on twitter Bioware answered some fans who wanted to know if EA was going to drop the game. If we were still going to get acts 1,2, & 3 and beyond and they said yes. They said that they large group  of Bioware employees are working on Anthem. New content, bug fixes, and the like. So doesn't seem like EA is pulling the plug yet. Like I said I think they have to much money riding on Anthem.

    I am sure EA sees dollar signs on this game if they can get it right.
  • Pher0ciousPher0cious Member RarePosts: 242
    NorseGod said:
    Assuming EA keeps true to current trends, when do you think is an appropriate time to start Anthem 2 development? 
    ('''\( ',.:.,' )/''')
  • LimnicLimnic Member RarePosts: 1,027
    Will be a little while before they run out of reason to push Anthem onward. Got all that content to re-add back in. Once they run out of that, then they might consider dropping or doing a sequel.
  • HazenXIIIHazenXIII Member UncommonPosts: 28
    I'm over here still waiting for SWG 2 and/or KotOR 3... and those actually had widely-considered good predecessors... so hopefully never.
  • LikesCakeLikesCake Newbie CommonPosts: 10
    They are all working on DA4.
  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 10,770
    Anthem 2 won't happen, the first is a dead duck and with Bioware being on the ropes, the only question now is DA4 if that game ends up being the last nail for Bioware or not. :/
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,182
    I don't think they will shift focus to a sequel until they can prove it would be worth the effort. It's a weird trend with these lobby based loot grinding games to release very underwhelming. Destiny, The Division, Anthem now, they all released barebones and not great. But Destiny and The Division both managed to pull out of the ditch they were stuck in, maybe Anthem can follow the trend. I'm hoping they can because the game itself could be very great. 
  • alkarionlogalkarionlog Member RarePosts: 2,560
    who said they aren't already?
    FOR HONOR, FOR FREEDOM.... and for some money.
  • LikesCakeLikesCake Newbie CommonPosts: 10
    who said they aren't already?
    I think they are still trying to fix the base game. Who would buy Anthem 2 with the way Anthem turned out? I know I won't, and I still like the game. 
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