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My Anthem experince

toddzetoddze Member UncommonPosts: 2,150
edited March 2019 in Anthem
The gameplay is awesome, I’m playing a storm javelin (Black mage) Fly and hover above the battlefield shooting “bad guys” freezing and dropping thunderbolts, could use fire abilities too but I like my ice and lightning bolts. if I ever get tired of that gameplay I could switch to interceptor (rouge) colossus (tank) or ranger (balanced DPS). while I’m hovering I see them and I see their gameplay is significantly different than mine, I have yet to play them, I want to master my storm first. Can play all classes on 1 pilot (character) this is a big thing for me, as I despise rolling alts. The game for sure gets flying right, graphics are top notch. 

My concerns is the limited content, so far all the missions really boil down to fly to point A kill waves of monsters fly to point B repeat. I see a solid foundation to this game, backed by the deep pockets of EA, so I think the game will grow nicely, but it’s still EA and I’m very concerned about their greed. Right now nothing gamebreaking about the micro transactions just cosmetics, but one update could change that at any given point if the bottom line isn’t enough for them since it is EA. 

I play the game on 2 different computers my home computer i9 9900k/ rtx Evga 2080ti handles the game no problem, cool cpu temps, but the game is a cpu resource hog, It’s using over 50% cpu. 

Second computer mini itx build i7 8800k Evga gtx 1080. It’s using 65% cpu. This build is in a cube and I’m having cooling issues I had over 80c cpu temps, had to open up the case, but that’s not a game problem but a build problem so much stuff packed in a tiny case. I feel the game is poorly optimized since it’s using that much cpu. 

If the content is a gamebreaker for you wait awhile before jumping in. I have no problem playing and earning coin now to buy future cosmetic packs as not many options now. 

Update: I’ve got over 60 hours in, beat the main story at around the 46 hour mark. The story is ok, it doesn’t really resonate with me.  I’m more of a JRPG story guy. It doesn’t jive with me because your character talks, and a lot, his dialog doesn’t fit my personality, even though some dialog you have a couple choice responses, it doesn’t help in my eyes. To each their own on this. There’s a teaser for more story to come. 

The lore is good, the Devs can literally design almost anything in future content and not break the lore. 

So now that story is done, it’s a standard gear grind, rerunning 3 strongholds (dungeons) so far it doesn’t bore me, because I enjoy the combat, and the higher difficulty settings which I’m never a fan of as I think it’s lazy dev approach, for lack of staged challenging content. You can do more things than the strongholds, but they give you the best drop rate. Flying is an extra strategic game deminsion that I’ve personally never experienced. Though it’s not per say flying combat, but hovering combat. I hope in future patches they will add actual flying combat. Because as it now if I fire a weapon you go from flying to hovering automatically. 

Final update: 
well the grind and stingy loot drops are dragging me down, @ around 90 hours. Been playing on grandmaster II for the past several day, haven’t got a legendary drop one. So without legendary gear I really can’t farm grandmaster III difficultly for more legends gear with better roles on them. I think I’m going to cut my play time way back, until they start giving the loot out, as it is now the drop rate isn’t worth the grind. And I already see other players seem to be dropping like flys too, as I spawn into more unfinished missions with only 1-2 people, and that was unheard of at launch. 

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