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WoW mod for Ultima Online!!!

DoA|haxoNDoA|haxoN Member Posts: 3

He guys, www.doashard.com . Is a new mod based on WoW. It is awesome you have to check this out. You can also come in our channel on irc.gamesurge.net it its #doashard


  • TankedTanked Member Posts: 16

    This is a notice to inform our members that posting links or information or even asking for links and information on free servers will result in a ban of your account.  Please note that operating a "free" unauthorized server is software piracy (copyright infringement) and is a violation of US Federal Law...subject to a fine of $250,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment.

    - MMORPG.COM Staff -

    hmm...you might want to edit that post...
  • RyldRyld Member Posts: 99

    Could you be more specific on which Federal Law.

    Is it a statute, cfr, and where do I find this info relative to the penaltys you quoted as well.



  • Dregard44Dregard44 Member Posts: 103
    Think about that.. Uhm, UO makes it's money from subscribers, they already take a beating from the free shards, But, I hope, one day, UO will start sueing :D It'll be wonderful..

    Leerooooyyy nngggJJennkkinnss..

    A Legend was Born

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    WHy do you hope UO starts suing so they can continue to force their crappy style of what Today's Ultima ONline is about upon players?

    I HOPE that Electronic Arts shuts down Ultima Online.

  • LlamaLordLlamaLord Member Posts: 115
    Soooo if your not from the us that kind of means nothing and 5 years for doing it is a ridicuolous long prison term lol.
  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    Why would I want to play anything that is a cross between WoW and UO. If I wanted to play something that is a cross between WoW and UO I could just play UO:ML and trust me when I say I won't even touch that crap. Its sad that UO is about to have the final nail pounded into the coffin. Now I look forward to LoTR: Online or Impertrator or even D&D: Online. In the mean time I might go back and play DAoC, but I won't be playing UO:ML. I didn't like those system in WoW so why would I want to play them in UO.

    Not to mention in WoW the materials for crafting are not as hard to find. In UO you spend 2-4 hours doing a dungeon only to POSSIBLY get two of the 10 things you need to craft something. Its going to be a very messed up system. I can't wait to see people actually play it and complain about it.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    Sue over what? You can copyright the game and keep it from being duplicated but you can not copyright the useage of the game. You can not tell players that they HAVE to use your server. Its not against any laws to have a player run shard. Its only against the laws if those shards duplicate the games and even then they have to make money from it. They are not for profit agencies and they fall under some very shaky ground; however, they do not support piracy and tell you to get the game from EA if you want to play on their shards so they are not illegal.

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