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Considering LOTRO? Want a change of pace?

MadCoderOneMadCoderOne Member UncommonPosts: 220
Join The Way of The Tortoise!!

Looking for a relaxed and laid back Kin environment? We are a friendly, helpful, social, and growing SLOTRO Progression Kin. New players and seasoned vets welcome. See schedule below for our current max level. [Stone of the Tortoise] required. 

Tortoises like to take things slow. By doing so, we can complete more content at the appropriate level. We have members who are altaholics, completionists, and/or have limited play time. Our level cap allows all these playstyles to go together, reducing the fear of “being left behind”. Typically we raise the cap by 2-3 levels, every 2 weeks, but when it matches a new major dungeon, we will remain capped for at least 4 weeks. The [Stone of the Tortoise] is used to disable experience gain, and can be purchased from the LotRO Store for 100 LP.

For member alts who would like to rise above the Tortoise level cap, we have a sister kinship, The Foolish Hares. This kin is also used as a temporary home for Tortoises who may have accidentally crept too far. We use a UserChat as our main kin communications, so the two kins are able to socialize and communicate.

We have our Tort Fort on the island of Tol Lochul, in Rhunemir, Belfalas, with all crafting stations and crates, open for anyone to use.

Our rules (thus far) are simple.
(1.) Equip your Stone prior to going over max level. If you accidentally go over cap you will be asked to move your character to The Foolish Hares until the next level bump.
(2.) Be nice.
(3.) Have fun.
(4.) Please edit your kin note with the name of your Main Tortoise on alts.
(5.) New recruits will be promoted to full membership after a "get to know you" period usually about two weeks if you're active.
(6.) Inactive characters will be removed from Kin after 90 days of inactivity. They will be welcomed back to the Kin at any time.

Currently we have about 75+ active members covering 300+ characters (Altaholic Kin). We cover a good mix of US and EU time zones along with a few Aus/NZ in the mix.

PM Mordrig / Baracus or any officer in game for more info or invite.

Current Leveling Schedule to level 50:
30 - 2 weeks - 18Feb19 - 3Mar19 2019
32 - 4 weeks - 4Mar19 - 31Mar19 (GA) 2019
34 - 2 weeks - 1Apr19 - 14Apr19 2019
36 - 2 weeks - 15Apr19 - 28Apr19 2019
38 - 2 weeks - 29Apr19 - 12May19 2019
40 - 4 weeks - 13May19 - 9Jun19 (Annuminas)(Halls of Night) 2019
42 - 2 weeks - 10Jun19 - 23Jun19 2019
44 - 2 weeks - 24Jun19 - 7Jul19 2019
46 - 2 weeks - 8Jul19 - 21Jul19 (Goblin Town Throne Room (45)) 2019
48 - 2 weeks - 22Jul19 - 4Aug19 2019
50 - TBD - 5Aug19 - TBD (Angmar - Urugarth, Cam Dum, Barad Gularan - RIFT RAID - HELEGROD) - 3 maybe 4 months at 50 before officially moving on to Volume 2.


  • SevenwindSevenwind Member UncommonPosts: 2,188
    Enjoyed the Fornost runs this past weekend WoTT.

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