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A player locked for a year with no serious reason! I'm worried!

Boring_playerBoring_player Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2
Hi all,

I have been playing entropia for over 11 years!
I do love the virtual universe concept as well as meeting players from all around the world!
PvP is the part of the game that i'm loving the most, sadly i do not have enough time to enjoy all the others possible activities and fit, build my avatar for them.
I am trying to advertise entropia to my surrounding in France in order to help making this game known and i must admit that i am surprised about the lack of advertising for entropia.
With my job, i am around alot of people to which i am mentioning the game.

I got into this open letter over my worries!

To Mindark:
Its been a year that my ingame society mate is locked, yes, "Invisible Andre Junior" is kept locked since February 7th, 2018.
On a side, i'm feeling confident and reassured to see that you are leading investigations to protect the players that may be affected but on the other side i'm noticing that "Invisible Andre Junior" remains locked.
I'm worried, is this normal that his case is not yet solved?
He is either guilty because you have serious proof to show for it or he is innocent.

Personally, I invested thousands and thousands of Euros and i have to tell myself that any innocent can find his avatar locked all the sudden, this is hard to swallow.
In consequence, i have momentary stoped my deposits because i'm having serious questions, doubts, on your way of leading and handling an investigation.

I do not have anything to blame myself for and i never cheated or took advantage within this game, I log in to enjoy a bit of player killing and hunting, i do not need this game to make a living.
When praticing PvP, whenever a player is unhappy, mad or any other negative feeling, he can send a false testamony in order to lock, close my account.
So, i can find myself with a locked account for false reason and i wouldn't be able to do anything because you are the one setting up rules, write eula and that virtual items do not belong to me.

Can you pronounce, state on the situation of my society mate "Invisible Andre Junior"?
This would help me to know if i can still believe in this game or not.
1 - he is either guilty, over serious proof you may have.
2 - he is either innocent and in this case he should be able to log in into his avatar
3 - you either leave this unanswered and this will show, prove that we can not trust you anymore, in this case, anybody investing would know that anything can be lost without a valid reason which is very disturbing !

To all the entropia community, if you feel concerned, thank you to leave your opinion.
"Is it acceptable after a year, that Mindark does not state on the situation?"


  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member UncommonPosts: 193
    They don't like open letters. 

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

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