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Few changes I noticed.

xD_GamingxD_Gaming Member EpicPosts: 2,495
edited February 2019 in Skyforge
No more spark atlas, it is a straight 35k sparks to unlock classes now. 

A much more useful adept progress. Adepts now farm the items you need for your divine transformations.

Divine transformation, is like something every game needs so players can do groups mission as a solo player. The divine form is so awesome because of how some of the zones scale.

Zone scaling, it can be a pain but it truly makes the game much more dynamic allowing the player to scale with the zone

The "Capital" map, adds more progression in character attribute customization

Literally the entire map system, with various choices of content to do. The map is ewas overhauled to separate the "story modes" and campaign type content.

Avatar skills are now unlocked by doing kill quest. I can't remember if that is a change or not.

Various currency for different progressions. Not sure how I feel about this but it does add more variance to progressing the character.

Graphically , a lot of progress, now that the game is on three different platforms, I  guess they wanted to up the over graphical look of the game.

"Seasons"  been introduced as main story archs, this is really cool. I'm only one the first Season, but they stories are well done and allows one to get a grasp of how the progression of zones works. 

All in all, this game has got my attention for about 2 weeks, I'm went from 42 ranking to 123 ranking in a few days, and from 45k health to 455k health. Over all most players I see are in the  200+ ranking with 2-5 million HP. I'm going to try and get up to that level and see how the game is.

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