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(little late) NCSOFT 4th quarter 2018 (On the way to become a mobile dev?)



  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,429
    Look at Lineage 1 still coming up top among the games. Really admire the loyalty of their player base. Most games don't have that but it is no accident because only a certain type of game can inspire loyalty like that. Obviously Lineage 1 has the formula down cold.
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,122
    Gotta love how they put all mobile games together as one big chunk of profit, then compare it to each PC game separately.

    Looking for excuses to slowly kill all their PC games. Just shut them all down at once and be done with it.

    I wish ANET went independent and took GW/GW2 with them.

  • KabulozoKabulozo Member RarePosts: 919
    Torval said:
    Kabulozo said:
    Learning that these are businesses.  They could spend hundreds of millions on a mmorpg for PC that will most likely fail with a loss or break even...maybe squeak a profit out over the long term.

    Or spend 1/8th of that on a mobile game and rake in the money.

    Guess what they are going to do?

    Mind you this publisher is shutting down PC mmorpgs...they do not have any wildly successful mmorpg to warrant adding a new one and siphoning their shrinking playerbase.
    Lineage M is a full port of Lineage 1 for Mobile. NC's last big hope for a PC MMO in Korea is Project TL, but until TL comes so we can see whether korean players will like it or not, their mobile projects so far look more promissing, Lineage 2M and Blade & Soul 2 both look gorgeous for a mobile game.

    PC MMOs are getting difficult times today. Wildstar never broke even, 4 years in operation, never paid its development costs, resulting on its demise. But Project TL can be successful in eastern markets, they just need to deliver a proper Lineage game.
    Does Lineage M play like traditional PC Lineage? Do you play with a controller or gestures? The thought made me feel nostalgic. :lol:
    There are folks playin LM on PC, with keyboard and mouse, through emulation.
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