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Thoughts on this game?

DabOnThemDabOnThem Member UncommonPosts: 141
You really have to dig to find anything about this title. I liked Torchlight, so may delve into this one. They are "F2P" so I do wonder what the micro transactions will consist of. My guess, the unusual.

PW title, I would not mind them taking a page from CO book and implement a bunch of wacky animal costumes or styles within the cash shop.


  • MalaricMalaric Member UncommonPosts: 11
    Perfect World Entertainment + F2P.. Hmmm. As I remember that company is heavily into Pay 2 Win  games. They are not even close to the worst company out there but definitely a Chinese P2W business. 
  • BluefishBluefish Member UncommonPosts: 95
    Alpha3 starts later today, and the NDA will be lifted. Hype should start ramping up.
    I think I'm in (game has appeared in my Arc library) and am happy to post stuff here or answer questions if anyone has any.
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