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Players make the game instead of features.

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 5,725
edited February 10 in Saga of Lucimia
Definitions about mmorpg's are arbitrary.  Until we elect a committee we can only have our own meaning's and judgments.

So heres my own of First Generation, 
A world given to the players to band together to seek out it's mysteries.  A major focus allowing creative character customization and choices.  In real life everyone as an individual has a set of physical intellectual emotional and spiritual traits. Before you leave the house the person does a self check of themselves to set the tone of the day.  A good First Generation developer would tap into such treats and give the player the same feeling.... This is where the Art is truly prevalent.   A good masterpiece is artistry not dynamic artificial computer skills to create digital dynamic event's.  I don't have a background in video design, but I could say it's a gift that can't be learned in school....Digital dynamic event's are a tricks and gimmicks, they quickly get old and you would be lying to say they don't.  Infact in many cases their irritating.  Rift's in Rift Online is the ultimate example, 30 day's of this and enough is enough.      

Saga of Lucimia is slowly turning into a masterpiece,
I have total respect for it's creators, their not show boaters trying to dazzle us with collage kid performances.  But like that quiet wisdom guy people seek out for advice (at least this type).  Humble is the word I'm searching for.   

Here watch this video: 
It simply shows two people playing together and later grouping with five more.  No shock and awe moments, and you wouldn't expect it.   It's a different kind of fun that words can't express.. It's the type from doing, not watching.  But by watching the player could visualize their own fun.  Much like watching boring baseball, but playing is different altogether. 

This type of fun NO LONGER EXIST IN VIDEO GAMES !!!....A masterpiece all over again.  

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  • ManWithNoTanManWithNoTan Member UncommonPosts: 93
    I totally want to roll a healer in this game.

  • RenfailRenfail Member RarePosts: 1,336
    I totally want to roll a healer in this game.

    There's a lot of different ways you can make one as well, given the flexibility of the Mastery lines and their chosen abilities. One of my favorites is the build I was playing in the above video: Spirit + Life. 
    Tim "Renfail" Anderson | Creative Director | The Saga of Lucimia MMORPG
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